"I love the taste of your microgreens, communication when receiving my order, the delivery experience is also very friendly. I'm all happy with your subscriptions service"

-M, Brooklyn

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Our Story

Reseedlience (re·​sid·​lience | \ ri-ˈzid-lyəns) is a portmanteau from a combination of the words 'seed' and 'resilience'; the ability to recover from or adjust easily to change.

Reseedlience was founded by two young Puerto Ricans, Fiamma Seda and Edmundo Cid. It is part of their nature to adapt to new realities and changes in order to grow stronger and healthier. In 2020 they decided to start their small vertical farming business with the intent of bringing safe, nutritious, and organic superfoods to their local community all year round. 


Reseedlience is an urban farm located in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, NY. We grow in a controlled environment, with energy-efficient systems, using up to 85% less water than a conventional farm. We strictly grow organic seeds in organic growing mediums with filtered water and no pesticides.


We sell our produce in compostable corn plastic clamshells. We can work together to minimize our waste. By subscribing to our monthly delivery, you’ll receive your microgreens in glass jars, for more information visit our subscription page and we’ll guide you through all the steps.

Our Mission

In Reseedlience we believe it should be easy and accessible to make choices that positively benefit your health and the environment. As a hyper-local business, we shorten the agricultural chain process by managing our microgreens from seed to distribution. This guarantees
nutrient-dense, super fresh greens from our farm to your table in the most reliable way.

Eat good, feel good, do good!

Why choose us?

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Fresh & Organic

Grown & harvested in Brooklyn, NY.

We use organic seeds and soil, no pesticides, no GMO. All greens are delivered within 48 hours from harvest.

Grown with
energy-efficient systems and up to 85% less water than conventional farms. Delivered in compostable or reusable containers.